Welcome To Woodfire Biryani

Conceptualised by a family of foodies for a city of food-lovers, we want to bring the best quality food from our cloud kitchen to the comfort of your homes. Our biryani is prepared by a ‘khaandaani khansama’, who has fed thousands of people his authentic biryani. Our Chinese chef is a graduate from IHM, and curates extremely scrumptious dishes with razor-sharp attention to flavour. Our Indian chef is extremely experienced, a ‘Mister of Spices’ of sorts.

All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and the healthiest choices available. Thus, you can be sure of having a great time, be it a house party with your close friends and family, or by yourself with a great show to watch!

More About Us

Our Story

Conceptualised and launched during the lockdown, we are proud to say that we have made a fairly dependable and sought-after brand in our first year. Initially, we recognised the need for authentic biryani in the city, which would be cooked on woodfire. This itself has become a rarity in Bhubaneswar. Next, we wanted to come up with a place that would guarantee the best quality oil, spices, and sauces. Thus, after several auditions and taste-tests to hire chefs, we have been foraying into new avenues of food, be it Chinese, Indian, Wraps & Rolls, with a lot of new innovation in the pipeline.